• Cyber Situational Awareness

    An assessment tool for Industrial Control Systems Cyber Situational Awareness
  • CyberLens™

    The Leading Passive Asset Identification and Network Visualization Software
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CyberLens supports networks for the Energy and Nuclear sector

Industrial Control Systems

Passive collection and analysis for discovering assets while performing deep packet inspection on protocols such as ModbusTCP, DNP3, Ethernet/IP, and more means CyberLens is a perfect fit for ICS networks.

Information Technology

CyberLens was built with Industrial Control Systems in mind making it especially powerful and non-intrusive on Information Technology networks. The combination of visualizing IP based assets and network data flows with deep packet inspection on a wide variety of IT protocols makes it a diverse network solution.


Flexible and powerful features for an organization’s critical assets.


Feature Videos

Asset Identification

Timeline Analysis


Peer Highlighting

Targeted DPI


Flexible and powerful features for an organization’s critical assets.

Asset Identification

Identify the devices on your network passively and visualize the results in an easy to understand interactive map.

Network Configuration

Validating network structure, quickly identifying failing assets, and understanding of network ports and protocols ensures efficient and reliable network configuration.

Targeted DPI

Targeted deep packet inspection and metadata extraction on a variety of control system and networking protocols.


A Lens allows for the addition of new features to include additional enrichment data, protocol parsers, and additional functionality – open APIs extend the tool’s functionality to immense possibilities.

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